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  1. Please try cartoview www.cartologic.com/cartoview cartoview is an open source application framework to deploy web maps you can use cartoview independently from server products or together with open source software like geoserver or with ESRI ArcGIS server. Cartoview is extensible via apps in the same way iphone or android operates, take a look at the cartoserver app which works with the same web standards as arcgis server and you will be able to make good use of all ESRI web mapping templates in a fully open source environment. Take a look at the samples at http://www.cartologic.com/cartoview/demo/
  2. you can use cartoview to work with ArcGIS Server / ArcGIS Online or OGC Services in the back end. In case you have a very simple requirement to publish geo data, you can do so directly in cartoview with apps to publish ArcGIS Server JSON and Tile layers
  3. Hello Recently Cartoview was announced www.cartologic.com/cartoview you can download it and install it on your windows server and immediately start deploying GIS applications. After installation make sure to visit the app store http://www.cartologic.com/cartoview/apps/ to download the Geo Apps you need. Most apps require simple customization. Some apps will need admin to access the app configuration. You can integrate cartoview with your web infrastructure, (Portal for ArcGIS or any open data catalog) or for very simple usage use cartoview directly to display your data in web GIS Apps Let us know what you think -Adam
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