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  1. Dear GIS community, I am currently rolling out a farmers extension program in Indonesia to help impoverished smallholder farmers intensify agricultural activity in a sustainable way. GIS forms an integral part of program since information about field size, GPS location, quality of produce etc. is presently unavailable. Form my purposes i need to find an app that: works on mobile phones with Android OS is easy to use/requires no knowledge of programming allows me to collect polygon data (measure field area size), preferably taking altitude differences into account link longitudinal data to geospatial data (eg. plant growth patterns, harvest quantity over different months) displays collected geospatial information in Google Earth Pro or Google Maps functions offline Scenario: Field worker arrives at location, starts up the app (without internet connection) and walks along the borders of a field. Every 10 meters or so he marks his location via GPS pin. After coming full circle, the apps provides field area size and he inputs information about owner, crops, fertilizer used etc. The app caches all information until WiFi connection is possible. All information uploads to a cloud, which can be accessed and edited via desktop and linked to Google Earth or Google Maps. Hope, this is a clear description. I am looking forward to your answers, Thank you very much!
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