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  1. After generating the line features from scanned tif. Use topology, specify some rules that applies to the line features. Validate and clean your topology. Somehow it will boost your editing.
  2. Yes. the computer where i installed the ArcGIS Server 10 is behind a firewall and it is under a domain.
  3. I successfully installed ArcGIS Server 10 .NET on Windows XP SP3..i configured everything that needs to configure. I created a map service which web access is enabled. When i try to use the service in ArcGIS Explorer Online, it says map service is unreachable and i also i found out that the map service is accessible in local intranet only. When i checked the url of the service is "http://gis-wk1/arcgis/rest/services/settlement/MapServer", this is the only url i've got..The esri help stated that i must use the format "http://server.esri.com/arcgis....../MapServer"... My problem is how can i obtain the exact url? sample "http://servername.esri.com/arcgis......./Mapserver"
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