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Generate Height Point Data from DEM

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hello, just make a search in internet and in my arcgis, and found 2 interesting tool :

1. Dem2csv.exe Point Selection Program




This is a DOS program.  You can only use 8 character file names.  It only works out of the current directory.

If you start this in a DOS window, it will change to a DOS (640 x 480) graphics screen for point selection.

This program was written to generate comma separated point files for Autocad contour line lisp program

2. Conversion tool in ArcGIS 10

Terrain to Points in Arctoolbox>Conversion>From terrain>Terraint to point

and there is Raster to Multipoint tool also in arctoolbox

I found also a Tin Node tool that can make TIN node into 2D or 3D point features

will give report after try this, if somebody can help us, please post here too, thanx

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second post (not sure why first didn t register)

I am not sure I understand the xxx ideea, but in GM when having the layer (DEM)

you can offset it xy and/or Z and after use the tool to create Z points in "new" location.

If is not this what you need, put a brief descripion and I could help with some ideeas

all the best

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Create in GM a grid by using Edit/"Create Regular Grid of User-Specified Size"

Now chose for the "Grid cell Witdh" and "Grid cell Height" the distance that you need between the poins and also use a number of grid cells that is enough to cover your area of interes.

After this select all grid cells and use Edit/Advanced Feature Creation Options/Create new pont from selected area and line features.

Delete the grid cells and you have the points in the distance that you specified.

Select points and Edit/Apply  Elevation from Terrain Layers...

In Arc exist a tool to create random poins in selected areas and I was thinking that by playing with the parameters (minimum distance/number of points etc) you could have the result that you need.(but not sure since i cannot test this now)

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hem, I use in arctoolbox, raster to point, under the conversion tools, and seems there are no option to set specific distance of generated point.

the option only, input raster, custom field (I dont know what the purpose) and output file.

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In Global Mapper export the DEM by Export Elevation Grid format,

chose XYZ Grid (or Las file ) and specify in Resolution tab the distance you need for x&y

Like this is going to sample elevation only in specified distance.

In Arc, when exporting to ascii files, or raster to point, you should be able to select the output distance between points from Environments tab/ cell size (or something like this)

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