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ENVI to Arcmap


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Hi all,

This is my first time using ENVI and I have applied atmospheric corrections. These are the steps I took:

1- Radiometric correction

2- FLAASH atmospheric correction

3- To eliminate the Negative values and make them between 0 and 1 in data values, I used this formula:  (B1 le 0)*0+(B1 ge 10000)*1+(B1 gt 0 and B1 lt 10000)*float (b1)/10000

When I export the corrected later to TIFF, it will be in a 3 band composite but I need single bands to be exported as TIFF so I can use in Arcmap.

So what I need is to use some bands of each image in Arcmap to make a composite eventually but I dont know how to export single bands when they are atmospherically corrected.

I would appreciate any help on this! Could you please tell me in steps since Im very new to ENVI and know almost nothing about it!

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