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Hands-on Workshop on WebGIS and Mapping


Do you think WebGIS and Internet of Things are the modern trends in information dissemination?  

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  1. 1. Do you think WebGIS and Internet of Things are the modern trends in information dissemination?

  2. 2. Would you wish to build your capacity in WebGIS and Mapping?

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Hands-on Workshop on WebGIS and Mapping 11th May 2020 to 22nd May 2020.

Web GIS is a new pattern for delivering GIS capabilities on the web. Maps on the web provide a new paradigm for how people everywhere access and use geographic information. They use GIS maps on their desktops, the web, tablets, and smartphones for a sophisticated range of activities to apply advanced geographic information.

Web GIS is a transformation of GIS that brings analytics to spatial data in a way that wasn’t possible before. Previously, spatial data had to be processed, modified, and extracted to answer a predetermined set of questions. Now, the data is transformed into web maps or services that are mashed up with different layers into a web GIS, which provides the flexibility to answer any possible question. The data is ready and waiting to dynamically answer questions. It no longer needs to be processed for each individual question. Web GIS is a much more flexible and agile workflow.

Web GIS brings GIS into the hands of the people. It reduces the need to create custom applications, provides a platform for integrating GIS with other business systems, and enables cross-organizational collaboration. Web GIS allows organizations to properly manage all their geographic knowledge. At the heart of web GIS is a mapcentric content management system.

The participants shall be introduced to both the social and technical aspects of digital mapping. They will learn fundamental concepts and techniques in cartography and GIS, including file types, data classification, projections and coordinate systems and elementary analytical techniques in a range of desktop and web-based mapping platforms. In addition to providing the fundamental technical competencies necessary to create maps, students will develop the critical awareness required to effectively communicate complex social and environmental processes through maps. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the programme, the participant shall be able to:

  • Understand the importance of web services and to give you some experience making web maps with FOSS and open standards
  • Acquire skills how to make different types of web map
  • Understand spatial databases
  • Learn how to publish maps online using open source software (Carto DB, fusion Tables, Geoserver).
  •  Processing spatial data with FOSS
  • Draw and queryy maps on the server using Web Map Service
  • Aggregate shareable and interactive spatial layers together with a web mapping API

Course Content

·         Introduction to key concepts in Web mapping

·         Web Mapping Technologies

·         Designing web services and web maps using free open source software

·         Reading Data from various Data source

·         Processing spatial data with Free Open Source Software

·         Drawing and querying maps on the server using Web Map Service

·         Building tiled maps with Free Open Source Software


·         Putting layers together with a web mapping API

·         Google Maps API

·         Web based data editing

·         Publishing maps using open source software (GeoServer)

For More Information on this Course, Click here


Fee Information

10-Day (Hands-on) Course is KES 140,000 Excl. 14 % VAT


How to Register

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Contact Information

Call/WhatsApp: +254 772831984

Email: [email protected]

Website: profoundresearch.org


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