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[Help] How can i publish and share my Web Map in ArcIMS?

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Itried another way to install IIS7 and Tomcat 6.18, in windows server 2008 depending on this article by ESRI from here [hide]


[/hide], without step 5, and when verify IIS and Tomcat were installed successfully by typing 'http://<my machine_name>:8080/'  ,i have not any problem, see this pic


so can i complete installation of arcims without any problem, is there any configuration after install arcims except complete post setup?  

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Wow,i hope to succeed with me this way, i will do this tip, and then i will till you the result here, but i would like to tell you the latest news about my story with arcims, my first problem with arcims was port 8098 with arcims web adf for java which i can not publish my work on the internet, but when was searched on the internet about this problem i founded this article from ESRI, '[hide]


[/hide], too see this article '[hide]


[/hide], and this,'[hide]


[/hide],therefore, this problem is already in arcims manger but in adf for java rather than .net. :grin: :undecided: :undecided:.

any way i will try this way'[hide]


[/hide] on windows server.

Thank you neotoxin

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