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Export 3d modell from Arcgis 9.3 to Sketchup 6 pro and export back to Arcscene


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Hi everyone!

Once i heard about a tasty thing...but i have some defect...

- if ya have a polyline feature, and you make a field, which store the feature's absolute height, you can export it to sketchup, to make a vertical polygon from it

- you need sketchup 6 pro, sketchup arcgis plugin, and arcgis 9.2

- If ya export the line from arcgis, ya can use the plugin, which asks you, where is the height of the feature, you click on the height field, and then sketchup showing your exported line.

- here you can extrude the line, but i can't use any common tool, i found a new tool, the "extrude line tool" plugin for sketchup, with that i extruded the line, and i have now a polygon

- i wanted to make this polygon, to drop a texture (window menu > material), a geological cross section on it. I browsed, and dropped the texture, and managed the size and positon of the image

- now i have a tasty cross section shaped polygon, or  what :grin: .....

- i exported> file menu> export to 3d> i selected the file type arcscene document, and wanted to check it in arcscene

- That program makes a personal geodatabase (mdb file), and place the polygon feature in it but now in multipatch format ...whooohoooo...thought... :cool:

-but!!! :cry: that fokin' Arcscene don't show the texture in the correct size and position.....i can't manage the multipatch stored texture's (the picture what i dropped in the sketchup) coordinates, size etc...

I show some images about that thing....

Anyone have any ideas?




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I talked about my problem, what i wrote a bit upper, with some specialists. There is a few steps, what i forgot, but here is the correct steps, i anyone wnt to modell some kool things with that progz:

1. arcgis 9.3 isnt good version, ya need 9.2 arcgis + arcgis sketchup plugin + sketchup 6 pro (note: if ya have 9.3 ya can export objects from 9.3 to sketchup, but ya can't export back to the arcgis....)

2. here are three small videos abpout sketchup mechanism, good to see before the sketchup exporting action started:


3. create a new feature class, and define the projection (important)

4. make two fields in the attribute table: one store the extrude height of the object, and one store the height from sea level

5. select the object, what you want to export, and click on sketchup toolbar, a window open, an asks you the height and height from sea level, select the fields, ank OK

6. sketchup will open, and if ya zoom out, and move the camera, you will se your object.

7. If you want to put some textures on this object, select object, right click, and explode it

8. select one face on the object, file menu > import > jpg, select a jpeg image, and OK, click on the selected face and sketchup will put that texture to the face

9. if ya want to manage the texture, right click on the face, texture > position and ya can move the 4 corners of the etxture on that object.

10. if ya want to export it, file > export > 3d > select esri mdb type, and follow the commands

sketchup makes personal geodatabases, with multipatch objects, but you can copy that multipatch into your database later

11. after export, open it with arcscene:)

Why is good it for you?

- ya have building footprints, ya create a height value field, export the objects, and modell some skycrapers, flats with sketchup, texturize, and export back to the arcscene, you will have kool models!

- if ya have cross section images, like archeological site-wall's vertical photo, or any vertical drawings, photos, ya can export a polygon from arcgis, with a height field, sketchup will make an extruded wall, what you can use to put your image, and delete the wall's unusable parts, to store only the face with your vertical photo, and export back to arcscene...

there are many reasons to use that prog, maybe i helped a bit:)



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