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Slow Initializing Application on ArcMap splash screen

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Good day,

I have noticed for a while now that the step after Initializing License on the ArcMap splash screen is taking an unusually long time. On other machines running various other versions including 10.6 this step passes in around 2-3 seconds. I am experiencing a delay of 20-25 seconds. If I install the Data Interoperability extension this delay goes to around 2 minutes.


I have a very powerful laptop (i7 with SSD and 16GB ram) so it is not a hardware issue. I have tried temporarily disabling real-time file system protection in my AV software and this had no effect on the time. A fellow colleague also has the same version installed as me (10.6.1) and also runs the same AV and his delay is around 2-3 seconds.

I was experiencing the same issue with 10.5.1 installed. I uninstalled this, cleared out all traces of ESRI folders from various locations and did a clean install of 10.6.1

It was the same. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am also experiencing speed issues when switching on/off layers in my MXD or changing layer properties. It seems any interaction with the TOC is slow.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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do you run vanilla version of arcgis? adding incompatible plugins could make your installation like a mess.

you can see log on event viewers too see what really happen in the background.

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