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GLobal mapper, microdem image size proportions in pixels not same as length, width ratio

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I am downloading some data from https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/. I am using that data to create DEM map, grayscale maps for use in games, 3d programs for landscape design.

The problem is: I crop area in GlobalMapper - Edit - export (geoTiff) -export elevation grid - export bounds- draw box - i use shift so x,y axis are same sized,.. then I save that image.

If I open the image in Photoshop, x,y axis have same pixel size, seem same length, or width.

On the other hand If I open them in GlobalMapper or Microdem, x,y axis seem same on screen. but when I select measure tool and measure x and y axis, are different. WTF???

Example 4096 * 4096 pixel resolution map, but x axis is measured 35 km, and y axis 45 km???  My primary field is 3d graphics, so you have to excuse me if it is beginner question.

tools- configure - projection is geographic.


I want the same sized map - so if the map is sized 4096 * 4096 pixel and it also represents same proportions in real world (x,y axis are same sized in ft or km)

Another example:


Dem map size is the same in pixels but not in kilometers.

What is the issue?

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