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hy all!

I have a problem, again :laugh:

First, i working on an archeology site. There was a 5x10 meters "hole", and there are many medieval ground levels. Each levels are measured (there is a point shapefile, from i made raster surfaces). This surfaces are on the pictures below:



My problem: this surfaces are the upper and lower "side" of a soil level. You can imagine a big, brick shaped cake, with layers :laugh: How can i make a full layer, what i can fill with a color or texture? I don't need only "flat", paper-like ground level, i want to make a soil-cake :laugh:

I thought, maybe a geological extension for the ArcGis can make it. I dunno, how can ArcGis work with this cake-like layers (geological or soil, or whatever layers).

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Lord, i have height dimension. These layers are raster layers, each have height source the own datas. But that layers are thick like a paper...I wanted to convert every two raster to a solid layer. (one raster is the solid layers lower part/side, one is the upper part/side)

I've found a solution but a bit tricky:

Version A: convert each raster to TIN, and extrude between tool makes the solid layer. The result is an angular TIN surface, and and angular surfaced solid layer.

Version B: convert raster to point, there will be many-many points, and if you make a TIN from point data, the TIN surface will be smoother than in the version A. After the TIN production, extrude between tool, and everybody happy:)

here is some screen:




The results are multipatch objects.



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thats work, but extrude actually a concept from arcgis to add extrude data like borehole, mining, and etc  :kiss:

since your layer is soil layer, i think using extrude function is great idea  :laugh:

i think you can make smoother TIN when you change the setting as you convert the raster to TIN

great job mate  :kiss:

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