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Generate 3D terrain Model at Runtime dynamically


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I need to develop a web page showing terrain that can be accomplished using cesium. A user may upload a shapefile/KML or select an area from Map. Once a shape/feature (polygon) is added to the map, how can it be used to extract 3D terrain model encompassing the defined polygon in any of the 3D model formats like obj?

The extracted model is then to be displayed on the web page that can be done via three.js probably. So here are my questions.

1. How can I extract a 3D terrain model in cesium (or any other platform) as per defined area?

2. How can that model be displayed on the webpage at runtime?

I have programming experience in leaflet, R Shiny, Python etc. but I am quite new to 3D modelling. I have been searching the web for days but couldn't find anyway to accomplish the task. Any hint on how to proceed, guidelines or tutorial would be highly appreciated. 


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