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Free Erdas Imagine Spatial Modeler Library

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Hi guys,


I found some interesting Free Erdas Imagine Spatial Modeler Library provided by Sterling Geo.

The models have been donated by Sterling Geo employees. They are free to download and use.



  • Raster Buffer Around a Binary Image
  • Active Fire Detection Using SWIR and NIR Band
  • Sentinel-2 Cloud Removal Model
  • Sentinel-2 NDVI Model
  • Sentinel GRD 8-bit Colour Polarimetric Model
  • Using ERDAS IMAGINE to Import .asc Files
  • Importing MODIS with NDVI Rescale
  • Categorised NDVI
  • Raster to Shapefile Operators
  • Clump and Sieve Sub Model
  • Area Values from a Thematic Raster Input
  • NDVI Change Detection model
  • Raster Image Segmenter
  • RGB Point Cloud Encoder
  • Performing a spatial radiometric transform using the Dodge Plus operator to enhance an image
  • Two date Change Detection Visualisation
  • Auto-colour thematic Raster Images
  • Produce Four Output Sun-Shaded Datasets from a DEM
  • Landsat 8 QA Cloud Mask Model
  • Define Urban Areas in OpenStreetMap
  • Extract Slopes Over a Certain Steepness Part 2
  • Worldview Radiance Converter
  • Extract Slopes Over a Certain Steepness Part 1
  • Dividing a Scene into user Defined Slope Ranges
  • Convert Thermal DN Values to At-Satellite Temperature
  • Extract Areas of Flooding from Landsat 7 or 8 Images
  • Calculate the Top of the Atmosphere Reflectance on Landsat 8 Images
  • Classification Segmentation
  • NDVI and Texture Model
  • NDVI Threshold Mask
  • Tree Mask from Height Data
  • Relative Height Model

More info:


Video Library:


Their Website:







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