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DHI Mike to Shapefile

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Hey all,


So i managed to extract CM93/3 charts into Mike Zero, but now id like to convert the XYZ data to Shapfiles to use in ArcGIS.


Does anyone know of a way?


my best bet so far is to create a mesh then export it to shp, just not sure what the data loss would be like.


PM for those who wish to get the sample files to test it out, its for the red sea.



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 Use "ASCII 3D to feature class" in arcgis ...


or try QGIS


Both Methods did not work  :(


I double checked the Mike C-Map Manual:


"The extraction of digital information from the C-MAP charts are encrypted in accordance with C-MAP Norway regulative. The encrypted data can only be handled by MIKE Zero's Bathymetry Editor and Mesh Generator"
Guess all hope is lost

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