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ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

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ArcGIS for Desktop has been developed for Windows Operating systems, but there are many users out there running ArcGIS Desktop on Macs. Two options are available.  The user can install Windows in Boot Camp, a native feature of the Apple Inc.’s OS X operating system, or they can use a virtualization program, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion.  In order to assess which option to use, it is important to understand each option, their limitations, then to configure for best performance.  The Performance Engineering team has begun testing ArcGIS Desktop, including ArcGIS Pro, on the Apple MacBook Pro in order to develop performance benchmarks and configuration recommendations. In general we have found the UX of ArcGIS Pro in these environments is quite good.  In general, the ArcGIS Pro system requirements should be considered best practices no matter if you are running ArcGIS Pro natively within a Windows environment or using the options available for a Mac.


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Vmware and Parallels halve most of Macs Processing power, bootcamping is too bothersome and in the end your still using Windows. Crossover Mac, now this is a good alternative since it can run windows apps inside mac natively no emulator no instaling of windows, the problem is flexlm protection doesnt play well with Crossover :( , stripping flexlm protection from ArcGIS might be a good solution. still no joy from Mac ArcGIS IMHO

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22 hours ago, Lurker said:

any difference in performance? I mean, crossover is a type of virtual right?

it actually runs natively pretty much as fast as you were in windows. unlike virtuals like parallel or vmwware where performance is halved and with limited 3D rendering crossover runs like you are on windows with full rendering in 3D graphics. the problem with crossover is its picky, ive been running Surpac and Mapinfo 32 bit on it for 6 months now and its running smoothly. just tried Arcgis with the new crossover,  Ive patched it in a way it doesnt need the license manager this was one of the hiccup in the old days flexlm dont work with crossover. it installed ok runs well till you choose a template, now once it goes beyond the template you have a few seconds to use it before it crashes. i suspect one  or more of  the add ons or toolboxes loading up causes this crash. i have to look more into it. besides Arcmap crashing , ArcCatalog and others work fine maybe.  its slowly getting there :) 

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On 9/8/2017 at 9:47 AM, Lurker said:

Ah interesting. I should dig bout crossover deeper. Btw dont have a plan to buy mac though

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same :) , i didnt  buy any of those expensive $H#t  with a 3 grand budget for macbook from the company I instead bought a 17 inch Alienware gaming rig lappy i7 proc, Nvidia GTX 8gig vram, chucked in 32 gig RAM memory, dual booted Mac OSX Mountain Lion then printed an giant Apple Sticker to hide the alien head ;). now my  boss was wondering why my macbook pro looks bulky and huge :rolleyes:

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hahaha LOL

I bet next time your boss will never buy ugly and bulky Mac again :D

I bought Dell precision workstation mobile and HP Z240 workstation desktop for my office

nice performance for workstation

Z240 setup with multiple remote desktop access, now all people in my office can run modelling simultaneously :D

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