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GIS.XL - Excel add-in for work with spatial data. Powerful features of Excel and GIS inside one window

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This tool I created in the first step for myself to increase efficiency at work with spatial data. As hydrogeologist I often work with spatial data. If I want to visualize these data, I must always export them to GIS program. These data transfers (between Excel and GIS programs) are not effective or quick. Because I not found existing solution that would suit me, I created this add-in. Later, when my colleagues see the result, they also want to use it. The tool was completed and now it may be using anyone. GIS.XL can be installed on 64-bit as well as on 32-bit computer, and can work in Excel 2005-2013. It needs only Windows OS and does not need any additional external programs or Web service.

From now, you can use GIS.XL too. On monthly basis, you can save hours at work. The greatest benefits of this add-in are:

    easy installation
    simple and intuitive user interface
    no need of additional software or services
    variable licensing options
    work with ESRI Shape Files
    support of multiple mapping projections
    quick creation of complex visualization
    simple data transfer between Excel tables and ESRI Shape Files
    export to Google Earth
    export to image files
    combining Excel and GIS features


complete story :



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Well, if ArcGIS requires licensing fee and so does GIS.XL, why don't you guys give QGIS a shot? QGIS is arguably the most powerful free and open-source GIS software. Using GIS.XL requires both MS Office's and the add-on's licenses (of course without considering pirated software).

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let me take some boundary here

sub forum news and discussion only talk about features, how to, and others fucntional and technical stuff


all medicine talk and such goes to sharing



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