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Global Mapper problem with WFS and inverted coordinates

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Hi people,

I got a connection parameters to access some WFS services.
GM 17.0.1 (older versions too) automatically prompts me to save and open GML file, but the file coordinates are in inverted order, meaning easting becomes northing and vice versa. Datum and projection parameters are OK.
Have you got similar problem using Global Mapper with WFS? WMS from the same host works regularly.
Is there any way to just invert GML coordinates back?

Interesting is that ArcGIS, FME and QGIS read this service well, without coordinate switching.

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BTW, it's on Geoserver

I think that Global Mapper should have something like FME (or Interoperability Extension) for WFS - GML SRS Axis Order.

By the way, when I already have such a GML, is there any application that can change axis order inside it?

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