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Annotation convert to Shape file

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I don't know if DGN is CAD format, but if you had CAD files ("annotation") and you want to export it as shapefile you can use CAD to geodatabase tool in arctoolbox.


All CAD files will be exported into geodatase, including the annotation. The next step is by exporting the annotation into shapefile just by doing right click and select export to shapefile. This annotation will be exported as point/polygon (depends*), you can find the annotation information in the attribute table

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thanks for your response.

Annotation information can only find in attribute table ? this attribute table can be convert to as a shope file?

I want to correct the annotation layer in correct projection, i.e. I have cad dwg, which projection need to change 

Nahrwan to WGS84, How can change the annotation projection Nahrwan to WGS 84 ?

so that we can check the annotation information with correct projection?



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