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.sdf file

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Hi friends...


How to open .sdf file of database..


I have tried using sqlserver compact 4 , there was no success..


can anyone plz describe me...



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there are many format related to SDF, like autodesk sdf or sdf  for sql server compact edition


so which one your SDF?


if those are Autodesk' sdf then you can open with FDO tools or autodesk product like autocad map or Mapguide, but if those file is sql server compact edition then you can use sql server management studio , download here :


so can you explain in detail?

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Sql server compact database file


Can you plz mention the steps....


I have tried to open using sqlserver compact but there was no success :(

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Try LINQPad, it works for SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and also SDF (SQL CE 4.0). Best of all it's free!

Steps with version 4.35.1:


  1. click 'Add Connection'

  2. Click Next with 'Build data context automatically' and 'Default(LINQ to SQL)' selected.

  3. Under 'Provider' choose 'SQL CE 4.0'.

  4. Under 'Database' with 'Attach database file' selected, choose 'Browse' to select your .sdf file.

  5. Click 'OK'.

  6. Voila! It should show the tables in .sdf and be able to query it via right clicking the table or writing LINQ code in your favorite .NET language or even SQL. How cool is that?


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