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Accuracy assessment in envi software

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To accuracy assesment you have to set some grund truth points. this points are the points that you get from in situ data collection. after classification using a gps you must collect real land uses and input them in Envi and it will calculate the kappa for you..For more information refer to Digital image prosecing ,Jensen 2000,I think you can find some peresentation about this subject too

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youtube is full of tutorials about how to make an accuracy assessment.

Just use search on youtube.

Thea ideea is very simple: you must select testing samples (from in-situ or from the raster image, and the value class of these points are compared by the software with the class values of your classified raster) and then the software will generate the confusion matrix (a table that will show you the total accuracy of your classification and the accuracy for each land use/land cover class)

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