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How to calculate percent cloud cover on satelite image

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Hello GIS Area,


I am a student at the specialty of photogrammetry and remote sensing, and as I got a task to calculate the percent coverage photos of clouds. 
I tried to do this by a supervised classification unfortunately this is not efficient if anyone has any idea how to do this. 
Photo from satellites WorldView-2 multispectral. 
Available on the university ERDAS 2013, ArcGIS and eCognition. 
Please help  :)
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mybe this wil help it -The cloud detection : how it works (Venµs)

for the start i thinek WorldView-2  have blue band

The basic technique consists in thresholding the image of a spectral band in the short wavelength range (preferably a blue band). Pixels whose reflectance is above the threshold are declared cloudy


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