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eCognition problem when using ASAR (as geotiff) combined with vector (.shp)

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Good day everyone,

I face a problem when i try to segment an image by using a vector file (.shp). I get "rasterizing vector layer" message wich gives me an estimated time of process completion around 1500-3000 minutes.


More specificaly, I create a project and i import:

1) a geotiff image (converted ASAR)

2) a coeastline shapefile (gshhg)


After the project creation i get into ruleset development and i try to segment the image by using chessboard type segmentation (5x5) with thematic layer usage. The massege i get when i execute the segmentation process is "Rasterizing Vector Layer... 3000:12 min. remaining". The real time of execution depends on the image size, and it usually takes over 120-180 minutes.


I used this method in the past without any problem, and it's a new problem with unknown source for me.

Please let me know if you face the same or similar problems when using shapefiles for segmentation. Any opinion is welcome!


Thanks in advance, Chrivas.

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