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Apply a global geometric transform to a LPS block ?

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I'm producing oriented blocks from digital SLR camera combined to a GPS + IMU mems sensor.

The aim is to measure trees size (crown diameter and height) for biomass estimation.

Image resolution is about 15cm. The blocks are quite small (3-10 images in a single row, with 70% overlap)


For one project, it's nearly impossible to obtain accurate GCPs (high density tropical forest), and satellite images are not very good (clouds / haze): I have to rely on GPS / IMU only ("direct georeferencing")


The resulting oriented photos (and orthophotos) are quite good and coherent, but are misplaced for 30-50 m.

Is there a solution to interactively shift the entire oriented block to better match a reference satellite image, using only one reference point ?

I can of course shift the resulting orthos, but then I lose the possibility of 3D analysis.


I'm using ERDAS 2013 and ArcGIS 10, with all extensions.


Thanks for your suggestions

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