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View zenith/azimuth angle of TM

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Lo puedes obtener del *._MTL



        SUN_AZIMUTH = 46.7252817

        SUN_ELEVATION = 48.0025968


These data are for Sun, not for the satellite. 



Would anyone please give me some tips on how to obtain the "view zenith/azimuth angle" for per pixel of TM image?  I need to know the exact value of these angles, but I can't figure out how!


Your question it's not so simples to explain, I have the same problem with EO-1/Hyperion.  The view angle is the difference of 180-look angle, that information should be at metadata.The scene create an angle to the UTM coordinate grid, the Azimuth Angle of the sensor, should be equal to 90 ° - angle between the side of the scene and the north. So I think you must use the inclination angle for compute this.

If you use these you should be able to compute this values for each pixel, if this is right....
If someone can give a better explanation will be good.
Maybe this picture help you.
If I'm right, TM only works at nadir.
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