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wew 100 member after some year


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heyah...after couple year and changing my forum websites, it reach 100 member  :nyahaha:

not much but, still happy bout that

so next , waiting till 1000 member  :2good:

wish us luck  :matabelo:

congratulation for www.gisarea.com, now total member: 1093.

:shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

goodluck for www.gisarea.com, thank you for all admin n moderator.

btw, i want to ask a question, when the first time this website lunching?? Let's celebrate it.


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In one of gis community milist in INA.

I believe that it must be my personal feeling. No one called me so.  :embarrassed:

Starting from one of other members asked for the link for d/l the AG10 and I referred him to this website. While other one member just warned us not to discuss illegal things in there.  :embarrassed:

Anyway, that's fine.  :laugh:  

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i i think i know that  :laugh:

I'm from indonesia, and i joined those mailing list for some times  :shocked:

and honestly, i hate using mailing list, why people still use this old fashioned way when they could build forum  :angry:

hem, for illegal things,  :laugh:, just remember we all staff in here believe that knowledge always and must remain FREE

we advice that all stuff here use for EDUCATIONAL purpose, do not use in commercial use or selling it

if we know any member violate it, then permanent ban

BTW there are Indonesian forum here, please take a look and maybe we can chat there personally  :laugh:


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Bro, :laugh: I knew that you're from INA. Remember my first PM to U? :laugh:

I'm fully agree with the baselines and principles that you introduced.

It's nice be getting to know you and Emp'r and I'm proud of this site founded and managed by my fellow INA guys. 

I'm personally from Aceh Province. Basically I'm dotNet s/w developer and interested in incorporating GIS capabilities in my database apps.

since last decade after some devastating disasters happened in INA, GIS has been attracting more people to learn and utilize it. People became aware spatially. That's a good point I think. 

Anyway, congrats for having this great site..  I'll rover our INA part to see what's inside.  :laugh: :laugh:

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