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Upcoming features of Erdas Imagine 2013

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At last Integraph announced the the latest features of their most popular image analysis packages - Erdas and Geomedia. At the end of this year we expect the new release of their software, the 2013 release. According to http://field-guide.blogspot.com, the features could be ,

  • The Model Maker transition into Spatial Modeler
    • Pull architecture for real-time processing to viewer
    • Faster file creation
      • Write real-time to 2D Viewer and create a file faster than Model Maker can make a file

      [*]Pull architecture based on ERDAS ER Mapper concepts

    [*]Python in Spatial Modeler

    • Use custom designed applications in a Spatial Model
    • Access other licensed software products in a Spatial Model

    [*]GeoMedia vector and raster processing objects used in Spatial Modeler

    [*]High performance asynchronous raster data engine

    • Faster data access in 2D Viewer and Spatial Modeler
    • Will be expanded in 2014 release

    [*]Use of the new v5 ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK

    • Used in ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS and ERDAS ER Mapper
    • Multi-threaded encoding
    • Introduce ECW v3 file format (ECW v2 has been around since 1999)
      • ECW v3 supports up to unsigned 16-bit data
      • ECW v3 uses GeoTIFF standard for coordinate reference system definition
      • Expanded ECW metadata

      [*]Faster encoding of ECW

      [*]Faster decoding of ECW

      [*]Faster ECW v2 and v3 opacity layer calculation

      [*]Reduced need for J2I files with JP2 files

      [*]More robust support for non-standard JP2 data

      [*]More robust support for ill-defined JP2 profiles

    [*]Support reading MrSID MG4 Raster

    [*]Support reading of MrSID MG4 LiDAR

    [*]Point cloud (LiDAR) support

    • Viewing
    • Automatic classification
    • Manual classification
    • Data preparation
    • Support read and write of LAS

    [*]New LPS user interface

    [*]Improved Terrain Prep Tool

    [*]Improved MosaicPro (we never stop making MosaicPro better)

    [*]New swipe tools (transitions ribbon)

    [*]New measurement ribbon for height from shadow and height from building lean and ortho measurements

    [*]Real-time spectral indices (using Spatial Modeler technology)

    • Vegetation
    • Snow / Ice
    • Minerals
    • Water

    [*]New unsupervised classification tools

    [*]Faster unsupervised classification tools

    [*]Use of SAM and SCM in supervised classification

    [*]New image segmentation algorithm in IMAGINE Objective

    [*]Numerous interface improvements to make ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS more intuitive to expert and novice alike and many more!

See the webinar "What's New in ERDAS IMAGINE 2013?" defining features.




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Pull architecture based on ERDAS ER Mapper concepts
Real-time spectral indices (using Spatial Modeler technology)
  • Vegetation
  • Snow / Ice
  • Minerals
  • Water


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