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lmgrd.exe is not running in Win 7 (for ERDAS Imagine)

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Dear All

Greetings. I have a different problem with installing ERDAS Imaging in Win 7. The operating system (Win 7) is licensed and I have been failed to install ERDAS Imagine 9.1, 9.2 and EI 2010. I have tried these three versions and all are cracked version. :P

The problem I have found that the file "lmgrd.exe" is not running so the license.lic file haven't been activated but the same versions of ERDAS, I have been using in other laptops and PCs. This is the worst problem I have ever had in my life.

Would you please suggest me a fruitful solution of this problem. Thanks in advance.


Shahriar Rahman

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All you need is the last version of lmtools, lmgrd ad lmutils.exe..

Are free available through macrovision


And for your info erdas imagine 9.1 and 9.2 does not work on Win7

Only starting the v9.3...

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