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Hi All


I created a raster catalogue in arcmap 10 with about 350 images,which works fine for my area of study. I now need something to allow me to extract only selected tiles that i want and copy to another folder as individual images.

I have used the export tool in arcmap 10 but to export a 100 images at a time takes very long.

Any scripts or suggestions pleaseee 

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export your data as XML workspace document and make another new GDB. import your XML workspace document to the new GDB and delete those images that you don't want anymore. In that way, you can expedite your work. that is the only way i see it otherwise, you have to export it individually.

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This could do it:

1) Create an Mosaic Dataset (in a file geodatabase) instead of the Raster Catalog.

2) Load all your rasters in to the Moasaic Dataset.

3) Use the "Select tool" to select the Raster tiles you need (it will highlight a lot of lines/boxes).

4) in TOC under the Moasaic Dataset's "Footprint" choose "Selection"...and "Select Only Primary Rasters" (now it will only highlight the ones you choosed).

5A) You could now under "Selection" under "Footprint" choose "Add selected raster to TOC" (you will then have to "save them" to a user specifict place and some times convert them to another format).

5B) You could now under "DATA" under "Footprint" choose "Download selected Raster"...to a user specified location (this will give you the original Rasters and you can even convert them on the fly to for example JPEG or TIFF instead of ECW).

6) Send your output to your customer.

7) Drink a beer and be happy...job solved.

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I have ranted about this for years. Its so counter-intuitive to make users export a catalog to a different format and re-import the XML into a new geodatabase (deleting the unnecessary images). A "catalog" implies you can select something from it and export it. I still can't seems to understand how more people don't make an issue of this. I should be able to select the catalog image and export it in whatever file type I want. End of story.

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