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3D Volume Interpolation??

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Hello all!

Well, let´s see if I explain myself:

I would like to to produce a detailed salinity 3D model for a body of water. I´m currently working in a river so the water body is irregularly shaped.

I have a set of points that vary across the water body.  These points vary in both their x,y locations, and in their elevation (or depth in this case).  For any given x,y location I have several depths where salinity was measured at regular intervals of 0.5 meters. I also have a bathymetry of the area.

I need to essentially fill in the water body with salinity values interpolated from the datapoints considering river body's irregular shape.

Well, I´m working with ArcGIS10 (sp4) and I would like to know if you have any experience producing this type of volume interpolation.

I´ve seen that there is a software called EnterVol for ArcGIS,... but I have installed the demo version but I have a problem with the ESRIRegAsm.exe file. So I don´t really know what to do.

[hide]I installed ArcGIS 10 with the keyhen of gisarea[/hide]

Do you know about any other software to produce this kind of interpolated data? or, how could I solve the registration file problem??

I have also checked the file in the bin folder and it looks like it is there, but I reinstall Entervol again but it doesn´t recognize the file -->

"Error 1001, Couldn´t find the ESRI utility to register libraries (ESRIRegAsm.exe)

Thanks in advance!!!!

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