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Extracting Raster Dataset extents

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I'm looking for a way to extract the extents of a raster dataset using Arc9.3.1 or FME 2012. I need to export them into a polygon feature class. i'm not talking about the north south east west of the entire dataset either, I am talking the actual data extents of the dataset, this will be an irregular polygon that follows the edges of the data. I know that a raster catalog has a wireframe at certain zoom levels but this is not what I want and I don't want to convert all my datasets to raster catalogs. Right now we are editing manually,and it is a pain.

I've tried the Raster Extents coercer in FME but no luck (I think is has to do with the desktop I'm using but...)

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I figured it out with FME.

1. RasterResampler using nearest neighbour with a low percentage.

2. RasterCellCoercer to extract the polygon extents for each cell.

3. Dissolve the polygons using the Technology Preview option

4. Write to a feature class

FME is awesome

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