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Innovyze Releases Version 12

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Innovyze Releases Version 12 of Real Time Flood Forecasting and River Modeling Software


another great news  :laugh:

Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for wet infrastructure, today announced the release of the V12.0 generation of InfoWorks RS and FloodWorks, its class-leading river and floodplain modeling and real time flood forecasting solutions. The latest release adds significant customer-requested functionality to improve the simulation and management of the world’s river systems.

InfoWorks RS combines a highly advanced 1D/2D simulation engine, data management, geographical analysis and a relational database in one environment. The result is a single tool that can import, clean up and store survey and time series data; build detailed and accurate models; analyze model results; and present outputs in engineering report-quality formats. InfoWorks RS provides full-solution modeling of open channels, culverts, floodplains, embankments and hydraulic structures. It also simulates rainfall runoff using both event-based and conceptual hydrological methods.

FloodWorks is a modular software package focused on real-time simulation and forecasting of future hydrological and hydraulic conditions in river basins, stormwater and drainage systems and coastal areas. Designed for operational use in the control room, FloodWorks links a variety of live data sources with a wide range of models to provide detailed and accurate forecasts of water levels, flood depths, flows, velocities, water quality parameters and sea state. Using FloodWorks, managers and engineers can carry out fast, accurate and detailed simulations of the future effects of an extreme event, providing key data necessary to effectively deploy emergency response services and minimize the risk of loss of life and damage to infrastructure.

InfoWorks RS V12.0 has improved 2D simulation. In the new version, all mesh polygons are included in the meshing process, allowing them to be used to specify ground level modifications without the needing to specify a maximum triangle area. 2D triangles can also be exported to CSV files to increase their portability.

Integration with the Esri (Redlands, CA) ArcGIS platform makes it easier for users to build and integrate their modeling results into their enterprise environments. The new version includes options to use ArcGIS Server map services to display background map layers and ArcEngine map controls for offline viewing of background layers. There is also additional support for ArcGIS 10 datasets.

For a complete listing of new features, visit the “What’s New” section of the online help for InfoWorks RS V12.0 and FloodWorks V12.0.

“InfoWorks RS and Floodworks continue to be the industry’s leading river simulation and flood forecasting tools,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., Hon.D.WRE, F.ASCE, President and COO of Innovyze. “By giving our customers an even more effective business analytics toolset, these new releases underscore our commitment to providing the world’s engineers with powerful, easy-to-use modeling and simulation software that helps them strengthen, protect, sustain and optimize their water resource infrastructure.”

source : GISUser

njoy  :grin:

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