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Lieca Introduces Reference Server GR25

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Leica Geosystems will soon make available a new reference receiver, the GR25. The GR25 is able to host a range of GNSS signals and it supports Galileo tracking including AltBOC, the company said. The receiver was exhibited at the Intergeo show in Nuremberg, Germany, and is expected to be available starting October 25.

The Leica GR25 GNSS Reference Server offers integrated internal and external device management, multi-user management, high-end security, and modular and scalable design. The GR25 "will grow with users’ needs and keep their GNSS applications and networks fully up to date," according to Leica. This is because of what Leica calls a " modern ‘future proof’ design, allowing upgrade of all the key hardware parts, such as tracking, memory, power and communications. The GNSS Reference Server just like a data center server has many requirements for reliable operation, such as backup power supplies, redundant data communications, security and an easy way to monitor all activities."

The receiver is designed to withstand demanding environments with a fully ruggedized IP67 housing with no additional multi cables. It allows easy and professional installation, with well-spaced ruggedized connectors, including the Ethernet port. A built-in display and keypad allows configuring and performing basic setups and operations without the need of a controller or PC, the company said.

The modular GNSS tracking engine allows upgrade when new signals structures are finally published, Leica said. "With a unique exchangeable measurement engine, network providers can keep up-to-date with the latest GNSS signals, without having to exchange the whole server every few years, securing their investment into the long term. The GR25 supports a variety of GNSS signals including L1, L2, L5 and supports Galileo tracking including AltBOC."

Also at Intergeo, Leica Geosystems announced that version 4.0 of its Leica SmartWorx Viva onboard software will be available in November.

source : gpsworld

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