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ArcScan - raster painting toolbar


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Good Afternoon,

First of all caus' of being newbie I don't know where to post a help topic, so please move it to the proper section (at mods / admins of course).

I'm making a map whose minor fault is that the hillshading raster I use doesn't stick well with my coastline together. I don't want to mess with AI even if I use it for graphic postediting to my map, instead I tried the raster painting toolbar.. but nothing. It's everytime inactive. I tried to work with different raster formats, but that doesn't seem to be a problem, neither of them makes raster painting become active (of course I have the arcscan extension active from extensions list).

I thought maybe it has to do with my desktop product, I changed it from desktop admin to ArcInfo Desktop, to ArcEditor, but nothing.

Can anybody help please?

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oke please make it clear first

1. what the type of your raster file ?

2. as i read your problem, its seems that the boundary from your raster doesn't fit with your coastline, is it correct?

3. please provide some screenshot, and i will examine it.

you always can make a backup with your original data, and i think its better to cut the raster to  match it with your coastline

my apologize for the misunderstanding,

regards, ADMIN

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If only my problem would be remaining pixels of the hillshading raster! I would just mask them!

The problem is that there are no pixels to fill a small gap between my raster and the coastline..

1. The type is whatever! I exported it to many formats so that I can experiment.. I mainly work with geotiffs and imagine imgs.

2. yes, the boundary of my hillshading raster doesn't fit exactly my coastline polygon, I can mask outside pixels if there were any, but not inside..

3. Here's a shot, if you want some more I can upload, although this is depictive..





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ah i see, are you the one who build those raster ?

what the information inside the raster ?, are you build it from prev vector file or 3D file?

if you build it, then you need to specify the detail pixel you can get, i think its jaggies, that usually occur in the edge of raster with poor resolution, when you build the raster, use the smallest pixel setting  8)

if you want to play safe, then build your raster by exceeding it beyond your boundary and you can cut it after.  :good:

but in this case, if you not the one who make the raster, then i recommend you to edit it via picture editor, like PHOTOSHOP or equal, its more easy to you  :woohehe:

regards, ADMIN

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