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Code/batch processing:

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NBRC 9.3 is only for ArcMap 9.3. Before you use this program, you must have ESRI¡¦s Spatial Analyst Extension.

1.You can clip Multi-Bands (more than one band) raster by select the target.

2.You also can clip Multi-Bands (more than one band) Rasters by batch.All raster layers on ArcMap will be clipped.

The Main Function includes:

Clip Multi-Bands Raster By



3.Select a shape in the feature layer.

4.Input the rectangle coordinates of clipping boundary.

The input raster could be all format that ArcMap supports.

This function can only write out GRID, TIFF, and Imagine format rasters.


1.Any copy or use will welcome.

2.Any suggest will appreciate.

3.If there have any problems please contact author.

4.Source code is included. Enjoy it!

***Bug fixed: The batch function don't work normally(April 15,2005)***

***Spacial thank Tim & Peta Neale for bug report(May 12 2004).***

***Spacial thank Michael Fodale for functions suggestions(Nov 5 2004).***

Min-Lang Huang

Nov 19,2004

nice share man...here is the solution for make the procces that are need.


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Try Clip tool in ArcToolbox.

1. Add all raster files you want to clip to ArcMap (actually this is optional only. You can browse to your raster data later if you don't add them to ArcMap)

2. Add your clip feature to ArcMap (most likely it's a polygone shapefile). This is also optional only.

3. Now open ArcToolbox.

4. Go to Data Management Tools --> Raster --> Raster Processing

5. Double click on Clip (this will open the toolbox).

6. If you want to do batch processing, right-click instead of double click and choose Batch...

7. It's better if you try a single processing first to see if it works for you.

8. The toolbox is self-explaining, so I won't give any more explanation.

9. Don't forget to tick the Use Input Features for Clipping Geometry (optional). This checkbox will tell the toolbox to ignor the X,Y max, min values given on top.

10. Name your raster without an extension if you want your result as a GRID format.

11. Click OK and that's it.

If it works for a single processing, there's no reason it won't work in batch processing.

Tell us if it works for you. It always works for me so far.

Good luck

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@sss4sss: The way you mentioned i have done that already. But the problem is we need to name it properly.

  There may be one more other method we can do using Hathway tools but for my task it is not working.

  I have to cut the raster with respect to grid (rectangle - like 50000 scale toposheet for whole one state detecting automatically the rectangles from the overall grid and raster falling in that rectangle grid individaually )

  - cheers

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so the batch clip itself working but the naming is not correct, am I right ?

I can't reproduce your task, since I use different version of arcgis (I use arcgis 10), Im afraid function on arcgis 10 not present in arcgis 9.3.

so back to the name problem, what is your result after you using raster clip batch, especially the name ?

regards, MOD

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All geoprocessing tool in toolbox in arcgis have the funtion for run every process like batch just choose one rigth click and then choose bath and run this tools in batching mode can make the sametime this operation for many layer.

seee here a snapshoot :



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I believe those task need a script

oh by the way, how bout this function




it can use prefix to name the raster file

the prefix to be used to name the clipped rasters, and to which the unique ID value of the polygon is appended as the suffix; note that for Grids the name cannot exceed 14 characters (default="clip")

but it need ArcGIS 10  :cry:

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It is a very simple process using ERDAS(any version). Go to Mosaic Tool >Edit>Output Options>Method>Polygon Vector File

Specify the shapefile to be used for clipping. If you have output filenames as attribute in the shapefile it will rename the output accordingly.

I don't know why you want to stick to ArcGIS for raster processing. It is not really made for it.

Happy Clipping.. :)

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