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Focusing ALOS PALSAR Level 1.0 ERDASC with SarScape ENVI

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request and troubleshooting only for request stuff and problem related to license

this threads, better in GIS Discussion

ALOS Satellite was down, I cant open alos sites anymore

interesting topic, i will dig it more

regards, MOD

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hum, I never processing PALSAR before, my first suggestion is to access sarscape help. on your screenshoot, on palsar importing GUI, there is help button, you can learn on that

I just want to install sarscape this night, and play a bit with radar image, so I can make any input to you regarding to palsar processing data

regards, MOD

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you can get it from sarscape help,

Orbit file

This file – if available – is intended to enter precise orbital information. In case it is not available the "leader file" must be entered. This file is mandatory.

Leader file

File name of the original leader data (prefix "LED" for JAXA products; suffix "ldr" for ERSDAC products). This file is mandatory.

Data_1 to Data_4 file

File name of the original PALSAR RAW data. Depending on the data provider, the following data structure can be found:

- JAXA products        - The number of data files (prefix "IMG") may vary from 1 (single polarization) to 4 (full polarization).

- ERSDAC products        - One data file (suffix "raw"), which contains 1 or more polarizations, is provided. 

When dual or full polarization JAXA products are used, it is suggested to enter the HH polarization as Data_1 file; this is because the Doppler Centroid is better estimated in the HH polarization.

These files are mandatory.

Output file

Output file name of the focused data. In case of multi-polarization data, a suffix corresponding to the specific polarization is added to the name of each output file. This file is mandatory.

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