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Explore the ocean with MyOcean Pro


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Available for free, by anyone and from anywhere, MyOcean Pro viewer allows you to explore and visualize the data of the Copernicus Marine Data Store products.

In MyOcean Pro you explore a 4-dimensional map of the ocean (longitude, latitude, depth and time). You visualize past and near real-time ocean information, all over the globe.

This version of MyOcean viewer is dedicated to experimented to intermediate users. To navigate through its informations you need to be acquainted with Copernicus Marine services and products. Easy to use and intuitive, we conceive this viewer to be as useful for scientists as technical professionals, who will enjoy expert functionalities and be able to download large amonts of data for their research.

MyOcean Pro viewer is available on all computers and mobile devices, through any internet brother. Start using it without registration, and create your free account once you want to access advanced features


New embedded catalogue

Access and choose any set of variables you want to observe, directly from the viewer.

The new embedded catalogue allows you to choose among all Marine Copernicus Ocean products and Ocean Monitoring Indicators (OMIs), for a total over 250 products!

Its design and layout improvement facilitate product search and access to each product information (data access, licence, user manual, etc).

Graphs & Download options

Access more detailed data just clicking anywhere on the map. The graphs now take into account which layer of variables you are observing.

Request high resolution graphs, so you can zoom on it to get a better view on the specific data you're looking for.

Export graphs data to CSV file.

Download various variables data on one sigle operation. 

Export triple-resolution maps for your print material, with all map layers provided at this higher resolution.




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