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GeoServer 2.23.0 Release


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This is a stable release of GeoServer suitable for production systems, made in conjunction with GeoTools 29.0 and GeoWebCache 1.23.0.

With this release GeoServer no longer supports Java 8, and it is time to upgrade to Java 11 at a minimum. Our build system tests GeoServer in with Java 11 and Java 17 which are both long-term-support OpenJDK releases.


The first big internal change for this release of GeoServer is a cleanup of the theme used for the GeoServer web administration application. Previously the pages had lots of little styling adjustments to try and get components to line up correctly and appear okay.

With this update all of the handmade styling changes have been removed, and everything is managed by the “geoserver.css” theme.

The second internal change for this release of GeoServer is an upgrade to the Spring Framework used to wire the internals of GeoServer together.

While this should not result in any change to functionality, it has resulted in quite a lot of careful quality assurance and testing to ensure everything is still connected and works as intended.

Windows users are advised to keep the Java 11 minimum requirement in mind when upgrading existing systems.

A welcome new feature, building on top of the ability to customize FeatureTypes is the ability to provide a description for each attribute. This information is used in WFS DescribeFeatureType to provide a human readable name or description for the attributes being published.


GeoServer 2.23.0 Release

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