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Open terrain dataset in ArcScene

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Hi everyone!

I'm modelling an archeological site with ArcGis. I want to use terrains instead of TINs for surface modelling. I made in in ArcCatalog a new geodatabase, with a new dataset. I created a new Terrain into this dataset. I dropped into some point, line and polygon feature classes. The ArcMap can show it, but ArcScene can't. If i click on add data button, and want to browse for terrain dataset, i can't see in the right folder. If i choose the file filter for "all files", i see it, but if i click "open", ArcScene drop an error message:

"Could not add the specified data object to the scene. Try using a smaller subset"

Any idea? Btw the terrain surface is about 15 m x 5 m, with around 1 m height differenc (max/min). It isn't a regional, big dataset...its like a car parking place......Any idea?


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Hi maunaloa,

what your are experencing is actually not a license issue but just a normal ArcScene limitation! As a matter of fact ArcScene does not support Terrain-files but just TIN-files. Try opening a TIN and everything will be perfect. If you want to visualize a terrain-file in 3D, open ArcGlobe and try it there. This will work.

Here some quote from the ESRI-dektop help: "By default, terrain layers cannot be directly displayed or used as elevation sources in ArcScene. If you want to consume terrain data in ArcScene, you will need to export your area of interest to either a raster or a TIN."

Ok have a lot of fun!  :grin:

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