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  1. Is this application some kind of commercial app? or it is open source and free?
  2. You can use geoserver and so on to share data online as wms services, etc. I think the arcmap itself has a sharing (publish) feature which I have not used it yet.
  3. I have 10.4 it has a simple bug, The first time you run it on your windows os each tool you lunch no matter what app crashes and you must terminate it but if you run it again it works fine
  4. Hi, Is there any way to find last new topics like previous version?In this link It shows posts.I want to find new topics indeed.IS there any easy solution?
  5. So.I haven't here about it so much. it is interesting
  6. thanks very much
  7. is there any demos or things like that to share?
  8. wow it is great thanks very much
  9. ohh,So it is not accessible for us,Thanks
  10. Does anyone has a download link for this extention?
  11. well the main features of a web gis is - common controls - the architecture of application,Is it 3 layer (ui,webserver (geoserver or mapserver),db)? - is libraries open source or not? - does is supports 3d GIS? - about ability to edit features, vertex by vertex or only delete, drawing etc. - is it restful, etc about UI: - it is better to use javascript instead of silverlight and etc - it is would be better to show analyzes on maps. not only showing a set of layers on it. - about analyzes you can focus on heatmaps and etc, - network analyzes, service analyzes and etc must be included. -choosing a right service, wfs,wms, using pure geojson and etc for each application is a good idea and must taken into account.
  12. It would be better to say what is your porpuse of buying a webgis app.I think based on usage we can tell you what you need.
  13. welcome to GISarea, So, As far as I know: openlayers:great updaes,good features,ol3 is great leaflet:supports less features, but less size too,for some small works is great. geoserver :good support, good plugins easy to use, there are lots of 3d plugins for javascript, most of them are new and uncompatiable with current versions of openlayers and leaflet, some of them uses 2.5d and are not real 3d usingwebGL
  14. wow..Dear Lucker, You are great. I'll try to do as you said,Thanks very much..I'll let you know the results.