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  1. I use DataEast.CarryMap.v3.11.584.1
  2. Hello to all. Have a problem with creting html popup with Carrymap in ArcGIS. Images appears too big for popup. Script for image insert: <% var tag = '<img src="'; tag += CF.Values["img"] + ".JPG"; tag += '">'; echo (tag); %> Could I change image size in pixels or percents in script?
  3. Question - Simple Classification ENVI 4.7/5.0

    For supervised classification you must first create source objects for classification (chose samples from image buy digitazing them). So, you must digitaze samle polygong in ENVI by ROI or EVF (Envi vector file). I thing this link will be usefull for you: http://www.exelisvis.com/portals/0/pdfs/envi/Classification_Methods.pdf

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