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  1. Thank you but Not Found The item does not exist. It may have been deleted
  2. I did it but not solved
  3. here is the link!
  4. Could you please tell me how to upload an image here? I can't find it!
  5. problem persist with ArcGIS 10.4.1. Drivers of my Intel and NVIDIA graphics are the latest version.
  6. All of my drivers are up to date!
  7. Hi all I recently renew my Laptop with a better one with windows 10 platform, but I have a problem with some software such as arcgis 10.2.2 In the software environment, icons are really small. when I change arcmap setting to big icons, the size of icons getting bigger than normal condition in the past! please help me. I like normal view of arcmap.
  8. Google it. It's free software.
  9. SASPLANET is very useful
  10. this tool is for exporting images and vector files to google earth. i want to link envi and google earth lively.
  11. Dear All I want to use supervised image classification method in ENVI 5.3 and I want to link image in ENVI with google earth for accurate training data selection. I can't find this in ENVI. In Erdas Imagine this is really easy to link image with GE but in ENVI i can't find!
  12. yes, I tried an image from 1985 and second from 2000. both from landsat. in both images I have problems in urban area and barelands. Thanks
  13. Dear deepgis Thanks for your comment. you are right. I used reflectance data for calculating NDVI, NDWI and SAVI too and then combine them with 3 component of PCA of bands, as layer stack in Erdas imagine.