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  1. Mutli criteria analysis using Arc Map

    Like wrote rahmansunbeam, is hard to say and recommend a right process , perhaps other idea is that you ask to solar panel specialist and together define many factor and variable and the influences that each one have in the suitable places selection, generally the Multicriteria analysis need of interaction of a lot specialist.... is easy if understand the proceso , the how to, for select the suitable places for a solar panel.... good luck regards .
  2. Need to rectify many old aerial photos ?

    Good options could be Photogrammetry, regards
  3. Help with GIS and Applied Ecology

    There are many GIS tool for analyst movements and mammals behaviors, check https://clarklabs.org, and terset tools perhaps got any idea for process , if need other things else just ask, regards .
  4. Great share dude, useful for all that are trying to get skill in gvSIG, good luck . regards
  5. Mozilla Release Firefox Quantum

    nice news , happy for all that use firefox, regards
  6. Latest Stable version of QGIS

    Good news thks, regards.
  7. Bad news because some day will need have ArcGIS Pro in our PC and if eventually anyone share some patch or medicine w'll be F*cked .
  8. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    Flat Earth ....very funny idea, lock with this, regards.
  9. Lukas Tuma - introduction

    Hi Lucas, this great community of GISAREA give to you the welcome, feel you free to ask , seek and share experience , data and all about Remote sensing and GIS, regards
  10. Waze joins Google Maps on Android Auto

    Nice join Waze and Google maps, thks for share it.
  11. Nice, thks for share.
  12. Image Mosaic and Topographic Map of Moon

    Amazing share dude, thnk, regards
  13. Kaspersky launch free antivirus

    Great news for all that use this AV, regards.
  14. Is very sad, i made many graphic with this soft, R.I.P., regards

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