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  1. welcome
  2. you need stereoscopic data, thats for sure please describe in detail your orthophoto data? spec and origin?
  3. this could be same steps with stream modelling for river you may generate flow direction from the DEM, and then you can design the optimum drainage plan
  4. halo kalo shp rada susah sih, di web e bakosurtanal menyediakan hanya data gambar ada yang pernah share tp linknya dah expired nah kalo pengen malah buat sendiri pake fungsi fishnet aja, mudah kok
  5. asal masuk ke zona itu, yah masuk ke Indonesia
  6. locate a suitable place for wind turbines could be tricky, you need additional criteria right? like place with high speed and direction of wind, but if you only use those two criterias (slope and road radius) then this would really simple task you can use simple method like overlay for slope, make classification for slope, higher score for flat terrain and small score for rugged terrain for road, you need a line data and make buffer 100 m and beyond 100 m, highest score for distance beyond 100m overlay both of data, the combination of beyond 100 distance of road and flat terrain will create highest score, that the place you are looking for
  7. welcome, nice to see your passion in this field hope you will share some knowledge to our community cheers
  8. welcome
  9. multiple column in one symbol is possible using categories symbolsbut for this specific design, I think you need to design it and make a symbol in arcgis
  10. if you get your CPU almost 100%, then your computer will be freeze this happen when I run PIX4D process drone data and forgot to set multi core setup (usually I release 1 core and the rest of core for processing)
  11. see this, and you will understand how ESRI really bad in this implementation
  12. then do not use ArcGIS product you can use any open source alternative
  13. Capricorn is correct memory only for temporary storage, all the heavy burden goes to CPU anyone can confirm that ArcGIS using the advantages of GPU proc? modern Software should use CUDA or similar function
  14. searching around and I found that he expert in cave and karst I would like to ask bout latest GIS application in Cave/Karst subject