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  1. land viewer

    I just saw your screenshoot on that case, you need to re-georeference and fix that
  2. land viewer

    could you give us screenshot, between the downloaded dem and the other data that mismatch, in layer please so we can see the difference
  3. land viewer

    please describe those DEM data you have download. and actually complete data would be consist of metadata , in there you can see the details of projection, datum and soon my suspect would be projection mismatch,
  4. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    hahaha LOL I bet next time your boss will never buy ugly and bulky Mac again I bought Dell precision workstation mobile and HP Z240 workstation desktop for my office nice performance for workstation Z240 setup with multiple remote desktop access, now all people in my office can run modelling simultaneously
  5. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    Ah interesting. I should dig bout crossover deeper. Btw dont have a plan to buy mac though Sent from my Lenovo TAB 2 A8-50LC using Tapatalk
  6. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    any difference in performance? I mean, crossover is a type of virtual right?
  7. Master Research Topic

    topics and suggestions for thesis will be based on your interest so what the most interesting topic in applied gis/remote sensing based your own opinion? then from there we will get your thesis topic
  8. what is HERE map encryption system?

    this is will be a huge task, any update for the progress?
  9. kalo sudah dimerge ato di union, coba lakukan dissolve untuk mengkombine polygon yang mempunyai atribut yang sama harusnya garis batas kan ilang
  10. Export batas wilayah dari google maps

    nah kepada @yax dah solved yh, bisa di sikat di link di atas ahahahahaha

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