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  1. this is google earth using web access how bout desktop software? any update?
  2. I just delete your double post in different sub forum, stay tune in this topic only 1. fusing two different image? so you mean pan-sharpening? then injecting spatial information to another spatial information will make some information to lost see here for detail : 2. those two product have different spatial resolution, so Im afraid you will get inconsistency on the result, especially between SPOT and Landsat result
  3. welcome sis ehehehee
  4. nice. now it is time to make it as a wallpaper for windows
  5. not yet in my PC, pheeew been checking the update from yesterday
  6. so, what the detail of PDF, is it vector pdf something from TerraGO, avenza software or images pdf? if those files is vector pdf then simply georeference it and you can export it using avenza if in this case you talk bout image pdf, then you need to do manual things, digitize it, using something like arcscan in ArcGIS or or golden software didger
  7. somebody already got this update?
  8. maybe using multiple file of arrow and dot based in specific times, and then using animation tools to make those trick
  9. berarti butuh scan scanan kalo gitu. wew gak punya kalo itu mah ehehehe
  10. the only way I can think bout this is using something like batch processing, just like this :
  11. then its hard, unless you have the inner person in US post office or other US institution with those data me myself not familiar with US zip code, how bout this :
  12. pdf perlu bikin, data di saya GDB soalnya. ato maksudnya yang model kayak layoutan keluaran dari BIG yang hardcopy yah? kalo seperti itu saya ndak ada
  13. maaf baru dari luar kota, baru bisa bales. saya ndak bisa kasih semua data, karena saking banyaknya untuk data se Indonesia harus memilah milah satu satu, tp saya bisa kasih beberapa data dasar seperti admin, jalan, sungai, kontur, dan toponimi peta wilayah Biak
  14. oke indeks 3114, let see what I can do, skala 1:50.000 yang full coverage se indonesia baru diluncurkan tahun kemaren, belum sempet minta nih kalo di saya hanya kumpulan tidak lengkap antara skala 1:25000, 1:50000, 1:100000 sampe 1:250000, coverage se indonesia, coba nanti tak cek n potongin
  15. seluruh papua kah? wuah data besar banget kalo upload tuh bisa pake fitur REST yang nantinya di load ke ArcGIS ato pake request disini pada dasarnya data RBI itu free kok