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    narrowing IFOV, narrowing spectral range
  1. Myths and Misconceptions about remote sensing

    a lot of landuse / landcover mapping problems will be resolved if we are using visual interpretation. because combination of eye and brain just superb, and no tool can replace it yet
  2. Mozilla Release Firefox Quantum

    currently using firefox quantum, pretty nice, tabs are responsive, kind of fast, and so far doesnt consume a large amount of memory like chrome does
  3. Latest Stable version of QGIS

    version 2.18.14 dont be lazy, google is your friend, pal.
  4. as far I know, webapp builder also uses map services from arcgis server, the differences is, it is hosted on the arcgis server as the portal map services, so in order to use map services from arcgis server, may be you can look into the web app builder code files, and search the code that refer to the map services, and change it to your preferred map services but this is just my thought because I never analyze the website structures of webapp builder, so I am not sure myself if this way guarantee success or not. I dont know thoroughly about the map services behaviour in the webapp builder, not as deep as arcgis flexviewer
  5. I have been suscessfully familiarize my self to ArcGIS Pro and its madness, BRING IT ON
  6. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    yes, FE should develop their own theories about coordinate system used in FE, as far as the Map they always to brag is just a conic projection of earth centered in north pole, like what we found at UN logo, but I guess they wont bother,
  7. Help with Landsat 5 TM 8-Day NDVI Composite

    I guess the 8day term is not refer to the temporal resolution of landsat, but it is more to 8 acquisition of images covering same path/row composited together
  8. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    else, you can ask your workplace to procure some, that is what we always do, xixixixixi
  9. Stereo Pairs with Google Earth

    no, you cant do that from google earth. yes, if the study area doesnt matter, you can look up for so many of sample imagery provided by well known satellite vendor like digitalglobe, airbus, planet labs, and many others
  10. Help with bi-temporal image analysis

    first thing first, check your aerial images, does it recorded on panchromatic mode or multispectral mode, ? and if it is in multispectral mode, did it record at near infrared spectrum? the indication that the image has near infrared spectrum is it has fourth band which if you displayed it, it will turn green vegetation into red you cant make NDVI if you didnt have infrared filter or infrared band in your image.
  11. Export batas wilayah dari google maps

    onlen lahhhhh, http://gis.dukcapil.kemendagri.go.id:6080/arcgis/rest/services/Data_baru_18072017/MapServer wkwkwkwkwk
  12. Viewing a WFS in ArcMap 10.2

    yeah, WFS version is crucial to ArcGIS because not all WFS protocols or versions from OGC has been supported at this moment
  13. High Resolution DEM

    personally I dont want to get limited by those theoretical stuffs, after all remote sensing is all about discovery,
  14. How import Sentinel-2A bands in Erdas Imagine

    If you want to do it the conversion to GEOTIFF/IMG format in quick and easy way, the IMPACT Toolbox may be could help you, It is also possible that the toolbox could preserve some important imagery metadata stored in the XML file of original data (which is only can be accessed thoroughly using SNAP) in the conversion process. Here is the link http://forobs.jrc.ec.europa.eu/products/software/

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