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  1. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    yeah let's see who is enthusiast for flat earth here, I am pretty sure there is a few Flat Earth Militant here despite of being Spatial Expertise
  2. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    Hahaha WTF means What The Flat Sure sensei, I just wonder if there is volunteer who wants to help them out looking for the new coordinate system Anyway it is not only OFF TOPIC but also OFF SENSE topic haha cheers but It is really important more than who sells crack and asking for bitcoin transfer IYKWIM
  3. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    huahahaha yes planar earth do not need projection, but if it revealed the flat coordinate. the accurate mapping is achieved no need geodetic anymore, no need GNSS just need to know exact border coordinate each the flat earth Seems like ambitious project
  4. If the Earth was Flat, it will ease us to calculate anything especially related to spatial context. But unfortunately no one help to prove it that the Earth is Flat. So if you are Flat Earth Enthusiast, you are on the right side.
  5. Goodluck for your dissertation, what the topic you take? let's discuss it in OFF TOPIC section
  6. Master Research Topic

    Hej all, I am (Munni98) planning to do master thesis in ArcGIS. Do you guys have any suggestions for topics? clue from TS : Munni98 might want master thesis that use ArcGIS as a tool for mapping and analyzing, both of Remote Sensing or GIS. anyidea please share here. Thanks in advance.
  7. Nice brother, you may built it up and test it
  8. Peta RBI skala 50000

    NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID This server could not prove that it is tanahair.indonesia.go.id; its security certificate is not trusted by your computer's operating system. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection
  9. My Introduction

    Hello jagster, nice to know you, let's share
  10. yeah more over if you only have 8 GB RAM or less , it is not useful using 64 bit background processing.
  11. I would move there, The Dekstop is heavier on Process.
  12. nice, exactly what happened to me, dunno why but i works fine only some minor like create new feature (tracing) it seems slower.
  13. Anyone has experience to these ArcMap's version? Using Medicine which version most stable (most tools function etc) ? Share free your idea ?
  14. yeah i got from my former institution, i got unlimited storage for lifetime
  15. at least it is NOT applied on google suite for bussiness/education account sir. hopefully.

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