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  1. HTML POP up in shape file with relative path

    Thanks Spazzle for your guidance. It is a good program.
  2. HTML POP up in shape file with relative path

    Thanks Yousef2233. I have tried this but no result.
  3. Hello, I am facing a problem in HTML image attaching with shape file. I need to attach image with relative path not absolute. I have tried all <img src="picture.jpg"> or <img src="images/picture.jpg"> etc. In the case of absolute path images are displaying properly but how can I make the path relative. Please help.
  4. little help here

    The final program https://ibb.co/k02LA5
  5. little help here

    sorry brothers for late reply. I shall definitely share it by tomorrow.
  6. little help here

    I have made it.
  7. little help here

    I have one issue. How to define the output as input in a model? how to define parameter?
  8. little help here

    please help me in this model.
  9. little help here

    I want to simplify polygon.
  10. little help here

    Hi brothers, I have designed a model but I can not complete it. Please help me here. I am attaching the model screenshot https://ibb.co/d4iKQa please help me to complete the program
  11. New to GIS

    You can use Arc Explorer. And look in this web http://www.gislounge.com/free-gis-data-viewers/ Another one is Tatuk.. http://www.tatukgis.com/getdoc/a52b07d7-a0ee-4410-a103-fb5ac0085916/Description.aspx
  12. GIS Specialist - Brussels / Copenhage

    How to apply? I have more than 5 years of industrial experience in Arcgis and 3 years of research experience. I'm from India. Can I apply?
  13. ArcScene projection error

    Akif95 WGS84 is not a projection System. It is a Datum. Like darksabersan says you need to assign a projected coordinate system. Either you can import it from another layer or manually assign it.
  14. Build Intranet/LAN GIS

    Do one thing. Make a shareable disk or folder in your PC. Then from other PC click on "Map network Drive" and select the shared folder or drive. All the other person would see that folder or drive as a harddisk in their PC. Simple.
  15. How to remove Google Earth Logo or Watermark from image

    could you send the bounding coordinate of your study area?

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