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  1. Hi intertronic,


    Do you still have the modified socet_start.bat that yamahadrums posted when releasing socet set 5.3,




    1. intertronic


      hi, sorry  no i don't have it..


  2. Hi yamahadrums

    I installed Socet set 5.3 on windows 7 64bit SP1, on one computer it worked on another one it wouldn't start,

    Can you please reupload your modified Bat file




  3. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Hi Garmin NT Maps can not be converted into a shapefile, there is no software till date that can do this. Non NT old Garmin maps can be converted by first unlocking the map and the by using GPS Mapedit to same in Polish Format. After that you can convert into Shapefile using registered version of GPS Mapedit. Stuart
  4. Orbit GT releases Orbit Softcopy version 11

    Hi Any one has the retail installers for Orbit Mobile mapping software: (Content manager, Feature Extraction, Advanced Feature extraction Bundle and Publisher..etc) Thanks Stuart
  5. Can Garmin NT Format be converted to Map Polish format

    Hi, Garmin NT Format can't be converted into polish format, only Non - NT can be converted. I have been working with Garmin maps for a long time. Stuart
  6. Hi, From my experience parallel desktop is the best option. Stuart
  7. GeoScan aerial mapping kits

    Hi Anyone has emotion 2 flight planning software from SenseFly. Thanks Stuart
  8. WorldView-3 images will be available next year

    Finally the US Government released the export of imagery with less than 0.5m to the rest of the world. Stuart
  9. GeoScan aerial mapping kits

    Dear Geoscan I am in the Aerial Photography and mapping Field, i have a project to make a survey of the existing situation of more than 100 Quarry sites. I am searching for a UAV solution to conduct the project. Thanks Stuart
  10. GeoScan aerial mapping kits

    Hi i sent them an email, but with no response. Stuart
  11. GeoScan aerial mapping kits

    Hi, I saw the movie, it is impressive. also the flight time is great. I will try to contact them to check for pricing. Stuart.
  12. Forum Error, please post here

    Its nice to have a new look, great and thanks.
  13. stereographic soil roughness images

    Hi, I think you can use Close range photogrammetry software like PHOTOMODELLER Scanner, it should solve your problem. Stuart.
  14. Aster GDEM Release 2 (October 17th, 2011)

    I tried today to download 1 tile but still it gives an error. Maybe it is due to many users trying to download at the same time.

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