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  1. Beginner´s question

    Dear Yousef My question actually is: Is it possible to ArcMap to recognize the object in a satellite image?
  2. Beginner´s question

    Hello, I'm just starting in ArcMap and I'm trying to learn to work in a college project. So, I have more than 500k points in a map, these points must be placed in the same position of some cisterns, but, the database we have is not much accurate, in some cases the point is exactly in the cistern location, like in the image: Image Here Some times the point is placed near but not in the exactly location like in the next image: Image Here But, the problem is that some of them are placed in a place totally wrong, and cause are so many point we can´t check manually. The solution we are thinking is: To create a range of 500m for each point, and inside this range make ArcMap look for in the satellite images for the cisterns, and if it finds we will keep the point, if don´t we will disregard it. What I wanna ask is if this is possible in ArcMap or not. Thanks

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