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  1. this error: Record Call Stack Sequence - Bottom line is error line. ICommand_OnClick C:\vba stuff\alohaExt.cls Error Number 13 Description Type mismatch
  2. hi I want to know all multi criteria decision making methods(like AHP, Fuzzy set, ANP and etc) which presented until now. please can who list all of them to me and introduce me to a source about each one If possible? or a good book, review article in this subject.
  3. For one work I needed to understand How the postgreSQL/postGIS database implemented OGC standards... Can anyone answer this question with examples of this implementation or suggest me to a good reference in this context? thanks
  4. HI I have masked water in an image and now i want to replace all masked pixels with a desired values.. how i can do this in ENVI Preferably or other Softwares? thanks in advance
  5. Good time freinds I want to compare an aster spectral curve with an spectral library of USGS curve in envi in order to find minerals in aster image. and because there is big difference between their wavelengths are hardly comparable. Is there a trick to remove all wavelength that i do not them in curve of spectral library? thank in advance
  6. when i rectify spectral profile of my result image to original image, the curves is perfectly different.
  7. i am calculated albedo according to the way that is mentioned in SEBAL manual and my result has very much pixels that above 1 while albedo should be between 0 and 1.
  8. Why my result of flaash useing aster data is incorrect?

    I do not mind uses aster data for retrieval of UHI. I'm using this data for mineral mapping...Sorry
  9. Why my result of flaash useing aster data is incorrect?

    Thank you so much my friends....my problem is solved...i applied above equation. Thanks again
  10. Why my result of flaash useing aster data is incorrect?

    thanks "Arhanghelul ".... I did not downloaded this image by myself but my professor gave it to me... Most likely he downloaded it from USGS.
  11. Why my result of flaash useing aster data is incorrect?

    thanks "peralta2794"... 1.I do not think that the differences in spectral profiles of one location in both images is evident. it is possible they have Small differences But not like this Big differences. 2.The scale factor is 10. 3.The area covered by my image is desert therefore doesn't have vegetation or water bodies.
  12. Why my result of flaash useing aster data is incorrect?

    the right image is corrected image and the left on is the original image. in this three pictures i compared the spectral profiles of two images in Three different locations.
  13. I want to specify urban heat island on An urban area and i do not know how start? which image data i want? please can who tell me step by step it's workflow...
  14. how i can retrieval urban heat island?

    thank you "Lurker".
  15. hello i performed QUAC on an aster data and when i divided 10000 in each band, my output becomes perfectly black. please help
  16. thank's my dears for your help... my data is aster(bands 1 to 9)...i layer stacked and resampling it an performed quick atmospheric correction. you know that QUAC creates a surface reflectance image, scaled into two-byte unsigned integers using a reflectance scale factor of 10,000. now i want to change this scale factor to 1, so that, it's spectral profile to be comparable with The spectral curves that available in spectral library which my project demands that. i use ENVI 5.3
  17. Greetings and respect to all my dear friends ... I want to examine a phenomenon with a scale of 1x1 meter through remote measuring. I know I can do that by 1. Using high spatial resolution images or 2. by combining two images with low or mediocre spatial resolution, I can upgrade the spatial resolution. Now the problem is that what sensors can show this phenomenon at pixel level (,ie,High spatial resolution)? What's the name of these sensors? And concerning the integration of the images, which are applied in order investigate this phenomenon, which image-integration method and also which images are the best? THANKS

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