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  1. okay thanx for the input, my priority now to fix all small setting, and new function later
  2. upgrade done, forum run in minimal mode, please give me all your thought and idea, admin
  3. Test upgrade succeeded, now begin phase two test upgrade
  4. on going test upgrade, please be patient
  5. update : developing environment has been set, next schedule would be test upgrade
  6. Time to move forward I am in preparation for upgrading this forum to the next major version There are lot of preparation and steps in order to avoid data loss or errors in this forum When upgrading is run, there will be a maintenance schedule and minor error that will be reached 1 x 24 hours or more. There will be differences and improved features and also functionality simplification, please waiting for the next announcement. Upgrade and development news will be posted on this topic and on our official Facebook and Twitter account. Admin.
  7. you can get those style from : http://conversationswithmyself.com/181/ those style originally for Arcmap 8.3 , really old version, but maybe compatible with above version too but unfortunately those sites is down at the moment but dont worry, with some luck and snapshot of web you can get those style , use this web : http://web.archive.org insert above websites and get snapshot from around 2007, after author post the files and you will get this file : http://web.archive.org/web/20071020110305/http://conversationswithmyself.com/181/content/googleStyle.zip walla, you get those style from the grave :lol: njoy, tested, downloaded, extract and those zip contain google.style with exampe MXD file but remember this is style originally for Arcmap 8.3
  8. Hello, sorry for the delay, just have a time to upgrade our forum to the latest version there are some internal issue here that still exist and I really don't have time yet to solve it but, I hope you still njoy our little forum please post here if you find any weird things or error, okay, that's all for today, back to real life and jobs
  9. anyone have similar problem? have you try another gadget dark?
  10. thanx for your report, I will take a look
  11. tapatalk plugin is the culprit, disable until updated
  12. plugin problem, working on it,
  13. update forum script and template to the latest version also new major version which is version 4, will be available soon, you may check user interface here : http://community.invisionpower.com/ we'll soon upgrade
  14. combining in ENVI as you said basically only stacking, which is put many images into one data with so many layers, you can do this with many remote sensing software, standard tools, but they still in separate images
  15. okay, please try again msig0000